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Sunday, August 4, 2013

How to Make More Money on Adsense by Building More Niche Blogs?

This is the first day of our new blog project. And since SB is my first blog ever – I will use this as my live journal for that blog project that is all about beauty. It’s all about women and beauty related topics because we found out that women tend to spend money on products that will keep them healthy, in good shape, and beautiful all day long. We have some great plans with this new blog I and my blog partner have set.

So, where is money? This is an affiliate niche blog but we will combine the power of Adsense. It means that we will use both monetization forms! We will review products and use Adsense ad units, as well, in few pages of our blog!

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The more, the merrier. You know, some successful Adsense publishers use several blogs to make money on Adsense… we will use that same pattern! We will go into how to set up a blog so you can create more niche blogs to make money on Adsense and this is just the start… in fact I myself have seen this potential because I already tried this with few blogs that I owned and the result is good!

Stay tuned because I will be posting some more tips along the progress of this new blog project! My partner will purchase the domain and I will take care about the design! This is the first day and I got the theme!

See you. 

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Sunday, July 7, 2013

Bubblews – The Fastest Way to Make Money Online for Free

Hello there. I am back with good news to you guys. Now, you have the chance to join the fastest way to make money online for free by writing short articles on Bubblews. This site is 100% free to join, after your registration, you can start writing topics that you love to share and cents will start pouring in! It’s like blogging, but a lot simpler than blogging.

Make money on Bubblews fast

SB is recently being patterned with Bubblews, here on SB, I can write anything that I want without worrying that it would ruin my SEO. I have simple rules though, but unlike my official blog – COD, I have a freedom of speech here on SB just like what I got on Bubblews – I can write anything under the sun!

Back to Bubblews, I think you should grab the opportunity guys! I have joined there last March and I made close to $200.00 already sharing short articles. Please make sure to review the site’s rules before you start submitting your articles (it will be called bubble) to make sure you will get paid. Members who do not follow the rules won’t get paid.

Please check the image above, I earned more than $15 by posting 9 short articles on Bubblews. Every time I redeem my earnings, my bank will go back to zero! I earned from likes, views, and comments on Bubblews. What are you waiting for??! Just remember, follow the rules.
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Friday, February 15, 2013

Simple Ways Of Making Money Online

Looking for ways to make some money online? Performing simple tasks can be a surprisingly lucrative way to do so, and you won't have to spend very much–if anything at all–to get started. Here are a few ideas worth checking out.

For those just starting out, Cash Crate is the ideal entry point. Even just signing up to the site will earn you a dollar. Although this isn't much at all, you also get access to numerous opportunities to earn money by doing a few simple tasks. In addition, you also get plenty of coupons and cash back offers that can save you a lot of money and even put some in your pocket. While the money you earn from such sites isn't likely to catapult you into the Forbes 500, they can add up to a pretty significant amount over time.

If you like shopping online, you will be glad to know that you can actually make some money back in the process. There are many sites that give members access to discounts on purchases from familiar online merchants. One such site is eBates, and it gives you a $10 gift card after making a purchase worth at least $25. eBates also gives you discounts on purchases from stores such as Wal-Mart, Sears, Target, and more.

Mr. Rebates offers a similar service, and you can get $5 free simply by signing up for an account. If you want to maximize your earning potential, it might be a good idea to sign up for both eBates and Mr. Rebates, and go with the one that offers more favorable cash backs on certain purchases.

If you have a talent for writing, making money online is a cinch. There are literally thousands of sites on the Internet, and all of them need to be updated with fresh content on a periodic basis. As a writer, it is your role to produce this content, and many companies will be glad to pay you for such services. The best thing about this job is that it requires virtually no startup capital, so you can get started almost immediately. You do have to brush up on your SEO and become adept at researching keywords, but these skills can be developed much more easily than writing skill.

The many social networking sites are actually goldmines of money making opportunities, and you might be able to leverage your online presence into a lucrative money maker. If you have a large following on Twitter, you might be surprised at how much money you can make simply by sharing content from other people with your own Twitter followers. Best of all, this allows you to make money by doing something that you would normally do anyway, which is post on Twitter.

E-mail marketing has been around for a while, but it is still one of the most effective ways to make money online. In addition to attracting new customers, this will also help you maintain your existing network of contacts.
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Monday, February 11, 2013

Blogger Tips and Tricks - The New SimplifiedBlogging 2013

This is a quick post. An update to let you know that Simplified Blogging (SB) is now back in the blogosphere.

I redirected SB to (COD) for couple of months but I realized that I miss my original blog. I miss blogger. COD is powered by Wordpress so I miss doing the tweaks here.

What's new?

SB will now covered tips and tricks for blogger in terms of building a stunning template for you.

This might be the time that I will focus on writing tutorials simplified for beginners. I tell you, I was trying to cover so many things here on SB before, and I recently realized that I should only do the things I love the most.

I love tweaking blogger blogs... that's why I am back.

Honestly I love exploring a lot of things in my Wordpress blog but I must not forget where I came from.  I learned blogging in this beautiful and free platform.

I owe SB for!!!

Stay tuned.

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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The Best of bitly – The Friendliest URL Shortening Service

It's time for some warm up... yeah let's do our regular blogging exercise! Anyway, I miss almost everything here, most specially posting some updated blog tweaks, but the time is near that I will be updating almost all of my previous post. I have only a simple mission, that is to give you a timely information that is helpful with your blogging career. Give me sometime and I will dig the SB archives, as it has been almost 2 years of existence! So what's the update for today?
Let's Talk About URL Shortener -bitly, are you using it?
Anyway, I have shopped a service that will gonna send me another 2500 twitter followers - what she instructed me to do is provide her a tweet, and then I thought it's perfect to add a shortened URL. I suddenly remembered about bitly because I have one before. Now, here I am, but it was not the site I used to know before - today, it's amazing! For me, it's the best URL shortener ever!
Bitly is perfect - very easy to use and I can customize my link!
I expected that I will be having much reading, and tour before I can actually make a shortened URL of my post link, because it might sound new to me again, but what happened was the opposite. I have my stuff just in seconds! The interface is super friendly! What's more? I can customize my URL! Goodbye to the thing, because I can actually set it to or something that I want!
Bitly interesting and updated features/services:
  • Bitmarks - those are lists of your submitted link. By hovering one of those links, you can easily add a note, yeah it's much like tags. You can add your twitter and facebook account and post your newly submitted links so your friends can see it. You have the option to send it via email too!
  • Bundles - well, you can group together your bitmarks! You have a full control over it and easy access to similar submitted links.
  • Stats - of course it's a comprehensive report!
  • Your profile - well, you can see your avatar, your connected accounts (twitter and facebook) as well your links in a very clean interface!
Plus, I love the privacy, I can actually set one of my links to private, anyway what's the purpose of locking it? Simple, not all your submitted links are for public use *Grinning*...

Anyway, am always generous, bitly is not the only URL shortener services, so learn the best one to use.
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Friday, October 5, 2012

Claim Your $1 Referral Bonus at NeoBux Now!

So, I assumed today that you already have given NeoBux a try! Yes, spend less than an hour there and earn few cents while you click all the available ads for you!

And I promise you 2 things - Support and $1.00 Referral Bonus, that might be small but for PTC clickers, that amount sounds good enough.

To tell you frankly, I am not really fully equipped with the knowledge needed to succeed with NeoBux, but constantly I am looking for ways to learn more, and all the important things I learned will be shared to you through SB!
Sign up for NeoBux via SB featured Post, and used my username to be your referrer!
When you do that, my support is yours and we will gonna make money through NeoBux - the only paid to click service we need to make cash! It's legit and NeoBux will never steal your money!

If you will seriously work for NeoBux as one of your money making program - you are in the win-win environment. That means, they won't take your money and leave you frustrated.
Don't laugh, let's start counting from cents!
You will not earn hundred of dollars right away! It will take time, do not laugh when you see you got $0.120 in your main balance!

Remember it's business! We do not rely with our own clicks! We will gonna count referrals! We can ask our friends to join or rent referrals!

The second option needs initial investment - and do not forget, it's business! Quoted from Neobux "About Us", they said:
We are experts at providing new business solutions in a win-win environment.
We invest, we apply working techniques proven by old and successful members, we earn and then we can cash out!
Not NeoBux member yet?
Claim your $1.00 Referral Bonus now!
Receive your $1.00 Ref. Bonus right after your reach your first payout at NeoBux! Here's how to claim it:
  • Send to me your paypal address via Contact.
  • Send to me a screenshot of your earnings here... disqus comment system allows you to attach an image together with your comment! That's it!
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Saturday, September 29, 2012

How Can You Make Your Cents to Thousand Dollars? - An SB Update!

I would like to say hi to my silent readers out there, so now I am going to break my silence. This is just one of the major updates for SB. I would like to tell you that the competition is still around the corners of this blog. I haven't posted for so long due to my busy schedule at work and at school since am trying to finish my bachelor degree for accountancy... yet, I am still here, and will tell you some important updates and changes that will gonna take place gradually.
Blogging Tips and Money Making Guides in One!
That's the brand new slogan or "tagline"... I think that blogging and money making are not really far from each other. Most of the times, people blog to make money, so blogging tips and money making guides are closely intertwined.

Blogging Tips - I don't want to stop learning. I have done that couple of months before and I see that I find it hard to do some tweaking I usually do before. So, I won't let my experience for one and half years turn to nothing, in order to keep it, I will give you some of the best blogging tips that I have tried myself.

Money Making Guides - I am not a geek or expert about making instant cash online... but I know some extra money making scheme online that will gonna work if you are just patient enough. I don't believe to "overnight success stories", but I believe that anyone can make money online if he started it right with the right program!
To start with, I want to introduce to you the "Innovation for PTC or Paid to Click Service". It's NeoBux and you can read my written guide and tips here - How to Increase NeoBux Earnings Fast + $1.00 Referral Bonus!
Give More Value to Cents - $.001, $0.005!!!
I approached some of my friends or classmates, and I invited them to join NeoBux. What's their reaction or response, well, they asked me how much they can earn from it. Well, I told them the truth that they can get some cents for clicking ads and performing tasks for cash, or simply viewing the AdPrize! However, they want some bigger sum, and I told them they have missed the important point!

Have you ever wonder where your $1,000.00 came from? Well, it's from the very cent. You cannot just ignore $.001, because it will grow to thousands! The only way to make that happen is the program that will help you visualize and realize your goal in a timely manner!

If you are confuse, doubtful, skeptical about it, don't worry because I want to help you figure it out. At NeoBux, you are allowed to have direct referrals or rented ones to boast your earnings. That's the way to go.

How to make "real" money with NeoBux? Not extra money, it's real money for a better living and it's through the referral program! Your referrals will make your $0.001 into thousands of dollars!

So today, do not look for $500+ overnight, or $1000 an hour, because it's not true! Be patient and try out the real program that will take you to your dreams. Caution, do not put your eggs in one basket, but I told you this one of the few ways you can make money online... that will gonna pay you!
Can you just join NeoBux and wait for your main balance to grow and then rent?
No. I strongly encourage you to add your NeoBux fund at least $30.00, I have said that on my previous post and I want to emphasize it now. Even you do not pay for an upgrade, you can still start making money through the help of your referrals.

It's hard to find direct referrals, specially that most PTC members have joined NeoBux already, however they are still millions of internet users who might be interested in this program, that's why I have written this topic. Aside from that, I cannot wait for my main balance to grow so that I can start renting 3 to 10 referrals. I need to invest a little amount of money to boast my main balance!

NeoBux is my business, so I need to add fund! Consider that idea, and you'll see it's working!
Update: as of 9/29/12, I already have $4.540 in my main balance! Registration date: 9/1/12
If you are patient, you won't say "Wow, you have written a post and promote your $4.540, how ridiculous!" It's not, in fact, I want to rent more to earn more!

Join NeoBux Now and Get $1.00 Referral Bonus!
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Thursday, September 27, 2012

How to Increase Neobux Earnings Fast - 2012 Guide plus Referral Bonus

Note: This Real Time NeoBux Guide and Review 2012 has $1.00 referral bonus - just continue reading to know how to get it.

Hello there, I'll dedicate an hour of my day today giving you some important information, tips, facts, and strategies on how to earn at NeoBux while you are still currently a Standard Member. In this post, I will be realistic enough, to enlighten anyone whether join NeoBux or not, invest a little amount from your other online earnings, or money from your pocket or not.
Before I proceed, I would like to tell you that this is my first post for NeoBux after reaching $3.703 as of this date (September 27, 2012). I have successfully joined NeoBux last September 1, 2012 as shown in the screenshot below, including all my other histories while attempting to increase my earnings.
Why you need to consider NeoBux as one of the possible ways to make money online?
Simply, it's a trusted PTC site. It launched by NeoDev, Lda. and loved by most successful users since 2008, years past, unlike any other scam paid to click sites, NeoBux remains the biggest, the most trusted, and the only paid to click service you'll ever need!

To verify it's reputation, you can search for "Neobux Review" at your preferred search engine and read reliable reviews and forums about NeoBux.

Next to the word trusted, you are assured that you're time will not be wasted for nothing. NeoBux is paying! I myself appreciate much their support team, I have sent a support ticket yesterday, an I have received their customer-oriented response on the same day!
So they are paying, they only thing you need to know is how to start "right" at NeoBux.
They said, many frustrated members of NeoBux have a mindset of earning "Big" because it's trusted, legit and paying, without knowing what's the "right" way to do it, so, they had stumbled on the wrong road - "Wrong turn!".

If you are planning to venture out paid to click service, I recommend NeoBux and start it the right way!
What is the right way to NeoBux Success?
  • Referral Renting - do you want to earn big in due time? You need to rent, but how can you rent if you have $0.075 balance right now? Of course, you need to pick some amount at your pocket, or better if you have other online earnings ready to be cashed out, and then fund your NeoBux rental balance right now! Do not wait for months when your main balance is good enough to rent few referrals, it will gonna waste your time. NeoBux is trusted, and there's nothing to worry about. Want to earn? Take the risk!
  • I have transferred $30 from my PayPal account to NeoBux - I rented 15 referrals for $3, and halfway I already got more than $3 which means I already have covered up the cost for my first renting expenses, and what's good I still have 14 days remaining for the first 15 and it will then go to my profit. It is just a simple math analysis, and I know you can do that better.
  • Why I funded $30? - Because most mistakes, members have rented referrals, but cannot renew it because insufficient balance is left on their fund and the main balance cannot cover it up yet - you need an extra money! It's your resources! Currently I have rented 60 referrals, and I still have $18.00 for my fund, and right now I got $3.7+ and still counting for my main balance...
  • 250 targeted referrals to be extended for 240 days - that's my target before deciding to upgrade my account to golden and so on! 250 referrals are good enough, to be renewed for 240 days each renewal which will then give me 30% discount... anyway, it's a long way to go guys! I'll keep you updated in real time!
Is it a success story?
Obviously not, I am still on the shore... and I still have to sail a long long way to the ocean. But whoever wants to try out NeoBux, I am ready to help you as far as I am informed and knowledgeable about your concern and queries.
Important Notes:
  • Direct referrals are far better than rented ones, but it's really tricky and hard to get one - as I've said do not wait for months you can fetch one or two! Invest at least $30 and start renting referrals, it's your way to earn at NeoBux!
  • Renting will gonna be every 7 days - so carefully choose which pack you will buy, 15 referrals for $3, 30 for $6, but you can select fewer than that.
  • Renewal - you must renew your rented referrals, it's going up and not going down! The more the referrals you got, the more you earn from their clicks. How about inactive referrals? NeoBux cannot guaranty that all of them would click ads everyday, inactive referrals can be recycled for $.07, it means your current inactive referral will be replaced with a new one. However, you can still choose to observe them because the system will automatically renew all inactive referrals when they reach 14 days and still not clicking. Buying referral cost you $0.20 each, so if you see that recycling is better, you can do it.
  • Click at least 4 ads to earn from your referrals' click EVERYDAY - that is absolute, when you can't click, you will loss some money from your referrals the following day.
  • Do not refer friends who have the same IP address - your referrals IP must be unique from you, if you have the same IP address, it's not allowed by NeoBux or all PTC services. Mostly, if you are an office worker, you cannot refer your office mates. If you are a student, you cannot refer your school mates who uses the internet connection at school, they can when they reach home and use their pc at home. To sum up, better refer your friends at home, specially whom you have chit-chat at facebook and other social networks.
Disclosure: all links above contains my referral link. This is the best way I can fetch direct referrals from "you", my readers, who might want to search ways to make money online, or real time tips and guides to earn at NeoBux, and reviews whether you have joined the right money making schemes or fall to unmerciful scam geeks behind some PTCs!
If you happen to register under me, I want to assure you for my support right here at my blog, as SB will become "Blogging tips and Money Making Guides in One!" - soon!
Referral Bonus - yes, if you joined under me, aside from my support, I will give you $1.00 referral bonus which will be sent to your PayPal account after you have reached your first pay out of $2 at NeoBux! All you need to do is send me a screenshot of your earnings with your username, and get paid by NeoBux and Me!

For more details or questions - comment below!
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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Make Money and Cash Out $20 or More Every Month at myLot

9/19/2012 05:57:00 PM  Posted by: Prime Aque
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I am still thinking about making extra cash today, have you tried thinking the same? Have you figured out already how? If not, let's talk about it... don't worry, it's simple.
Aside from writing your blog posts daily, and hoping that your traffic would grow to a huge numbers, and a big percentage of it will going to click on your available paid to click ad programs, of course, you can also find some sort of discussion forums that pays you for your active participation.

If the idea of how to make money online is new to you, don't worry because you are not scammed. Anyone who told you about it was not lying, he was telling the truth... and right now I am telling you that you can make "real" money online in several ways.
What ways best for you?
I will begin it by asking you, how much you need? Anyway, it's not really a good question, because if I am asked the same, I will answer "I need a big amount of cash right now." Well, unfortunately, it's impossible.
Big and Instant = Scam
98% - Big and Instant Cash are scam! Yeah, you only earn what you deserved, that's the best answer. Offline and online ways are pretty the same, because you need to exert your "effort" to earn the figures you want.

So, what's best for you?
If you are an office worker, with computer and internet connection daily, you can make at least $20 dollars a month during your vacant times or lunch times, or those times you want to relax a little bit from computing huge corporate figures, and the like.
You will get paid for you writings, and you need not to be a writer. Participate to any discussion and earn from your thoughtful opinions.
I already have written two posts about this site here at SB, and write now, I hope that you will be convinced to check it for yourself. Anyway, it's myLot! It's not a freelance site where you are asked to write academic essays, at myLot, you are free to express your opinion, feelings, thoughts, suggestions, doubts, anger, etc... to the level of English you know.

Check my previous topic about this which will tell you about the good tactics on how to reach the pay out: Make Money By Posting and Responding Discussion at Mylot

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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

One of the Fastest Way of Writing Blog Post

9/18/2012 05:42:00 PM  Posted by: Prime Aque
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I just remember that I and my friend, who happened to be my partner here in SB, and was actively participating in our activities early this year was asking me how can I write a blog post within a couple of minutes - impromptu! I used to write this way, though I have ideas, but mostly, I write without an advance plan or outline about my next post. Why? Because the idea I have in mind is enough for me to write a new post! And I believe that this is one of the fastest way or technique to write a blog post, you can also read my impromptu writing within 20 minutes or less.
Why you can't even think of something?
It's because you believe you can't write at that very moment. You close the possibility of writing something for your audience that very day.
Update: 5 Powerful Tips on How to Write Blog Post Fast During Break Time
Have you tried it in your blog already? So people in a hurry will come there, because you provide instant information they need, without spending much time. How about pillar articles? Well, got a perfect time for it specially weekends? You can surprise your readers with one at least a month. Or, how do you prefer?

See you:)
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